recent reads

I am an avid reader with a preference for mysteries, thrillers and crime fiction with an occasional adventure or
science fiction story.  Here are some novels that I have recently read or I am currently reading.

A fitting read for these days of staying home about a man sentenced to house arrest in Moscow’s Hotel Metropol for 32 years.

A wonderful and well written post World War II historical fiction novel.

A series of mystery fiction about an ex-marine turned Fish and Wildlife Agent equally as good a read as C.J.Box’s Joe Picket series.

Craig’s stories just keeps getting better and better. Classic mystery plot where you don’t know how it will end. I was rooting for the lone wolf. Then there’s the suggestion by Walt Longmire’s good friend, Henry Standing Bear, that he and Walt should take a trip to Hyder, Alaska to see the bears. Hyder? I’ve been there. Only one thing to see – the bears.

Wahoo! I have been waiting for John to write another Virgil Flowers mystery.

The latest novel about the Kearny saga set in a gorgeous part of New Mexico. Michael can be gritty at times but his books can sure hold a reader.

Vampires in space. Too far out, and I mean far, far away, for my taste in science fiction.

Such a vivid ghost story that you feel like you are sitting in the cruiser right beside Walt Longmire and his Indian friend Henry trying to solve the mystery.

Continuing my love affair with Wyoming authors. Box is a great storyteller.

Read it while on vacation. Would be better if Ali was a more interesting character.

A chip off the old block. She got it right.

Good read for lighthouse lovers.

Great historical research!

Superb mystery/syfi. Couldn’t put this one down.

Have to find time to read more of Craig’s novels.

One of the more interesting and dreamy novels I’ve read.

Super non-fiction read, especially if you have spent a lot of time in the remote parts of Central American like myself.

He can sure tell a great crime story.

Unusual when the protagonist is an assassin. Kills a lot more people than James Bond. Fast read and two more books in the series if you’re hooked.

Another favorite author.

Very vivid with his settings.

A debut, local author using Southeast Alaska as location. I love it.

Her second book and just as good.​

A crime writer in my own city. Love her work.

Got recently turned on to this Wyoming writer. He can get gritty.

Canadian super agent saves the world time and again.

A great Longmire mystery for historic train enthusiasts.

If you are looking for novels similar to mine and set in Alaska,
you’ll love books by Sue Henry and Dana Stabenow.

books by fredrick cooper

adventure thrillers

Enthralling stories alive with adventure and suspense set in the vivid worlds of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. 

Destruction Island Cover
Riders of the Tides