Cutting Through the Clutter

Just recently I noticed a new file folder appear in my Microsoft Outlook labeled Clutter. It is supposed to pull out emails that I tend to ignore or not open. I sorely wish it would do a better job as it is only grabbing 3 or 4 each day. So maybe I need to look more carefully at its features and see if there are some settings that can be tweaked. May you need to bait it or seed it with uninteresting emails.

I use three different email addresses and, except for the newest one, tend to receive a hundred or more emails a day that are just plain junk. Part of the problem may be my recent upgrade to Windows 10 and uploading a new anti-viral software from Symantec. Have to check the spam filter settings there as well. Oh, and this does not include spam replies to my blog sites that have to be deleted. The end result is that my “electronic desk” is far worse than the clutter on my physical desk in my home office. This is pretty depressing when a “clean” desk is much more conducive to writing.

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