Portland Book Festival

Oregon writers will gather with their readers this weekend, November 9-10, for one of Portland’s biggest literary events of the year. So let me put in a plug for a new writer, J.S. James, and the release during the book festival of River Run, because it sounds a lot like my third novel, Glacier World. His debut novel, River Run, won first place in the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association’s mystery/thriller contest. Set on the Willamette River, River Run features a promotion-hungry Oregon sheriff’s deputy Delia Chavez finds herself in the middle of a hunters-become-the-hunted game where a serial killer takes hunters’ trigger fingers as trophies. What starts off looking like a simple case of a ruthless vigilante quickly devolves into something much more complex. Facing evasive killers who stop at nothing to conceal their crimes, Delia must bring the criminals to justice because everyone knows, if you’re not the predator, you’re the prey.