Here are some great things my readers have said about my stories. If you would like to submit a review, you may post it on Amazon or use the Contact Me page.

Glacier World

“Now you have done it, my friend. I took GW with me to Maui for some R&R and thoroughly enjoyed it—so much that I have now ordered the other two from Amazon. Clever marketing—getting someone hooked and then giving the opportunity to contribute to the cause!  I liked the cadence, the story within a story, and the characterization—as well as the description of SE Alaska and the locations—been there, done that. Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing Glacier World with me—it is truly a gift!!” Don

Destruction Island

“An exhilarating thriller that will have readers demanding another sequel.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“This is a good book. I very much enjoyed reading it. I wish the story could continue on. Please write more stories. I live in southwest Washington state and it’s nice to read about the little towns and Indian tribes of the area that the general public has never heard of. Very interesting descriptive details of the area. The story is so familiar.”

“Fred has done it again with a great story! Rather than pacing myself,only allowing myself to read a few pages each night, I let myself read this book over a couple of days. It was a “page-turner” and I didn’t want to put it down. Thank you Fred and I look forward to the next one!!! ”

Riders of the Tides

“This is an impressive first book by Dr. Cooper, who shows us his engineering mind in his thorough historical research and detail, but it is his story telling that keeps you coming back. Part mystery, part romance, part adventure, “Riders of the Tides” takes you back to the early pioneers who settled the West. Gold miners, missionaries, entrepreneurs, sailors, soldiers and scoundrels all take a turn keeping this rollicking adventure on pace. This book will definitely give you a travel interest in the Pacific Northwest, and potentially an appetite for oysters! Highly recommended to read on your summer adventure!”

“In this book the author has woven three stories together in such a way that I was completely drawn in. I resisted reading it too fast so I could absorb the beautiful pictures being drawn in my mind with the wonderful descriptions. Cleverly moving from one story to the next I was completely impressed with the author’s ability to build tension and keep me on the edge of my seat which created a fun tension as I was trying to read slowly to enjoy the writing. The book had all the elements I enjoy – history, Northwest location and Native American base. All I can compare this book with is a fine glass of red wine and all the complexity that represents.”

“Was a great read….. multiple stories in one….the intersections were great and sometimes I couldn’t decide which story I wanted to continue to follow. I found myself thoroughly immersed in the book…stayed up way too late on a number of occasions not closing it and going to bed. Enjoyed the history of the Pacific NW, which is extra special since I live here. Fred, I am looking forward to the next book. ”

“I really enjoyed reading this book. The novel expresses a strong sense of place, in the Pacific Northwest, over three generations. The language plays with characters, conflict, symbolism and dream work within the context of nature. There is water. There are islands. Everything is green. There is a point of view held by Natives in these parts. I couldn’t put it down and recommend it to you. ”

“As a lover of mysteries, historical fiction, and the Pacific Northwest, I found much to enjoy in this well-crafted story! Imagine the time of the goldrush, the excitement and challenges of early development of the pacific coast, Native Americans struggling to maintain their culture, young men chasing their dreams, and a mystery whose effects ripple across time. The unsolved murder of forester Ben Armstrong continues to affect generations that follow in unexpected ways. As Ben’s descendants attempt to protect the coastal forest from abuse by ruthless loggers, the connections between Ben’s murder and present day events unfold. But it is the characters and their intertwining relationships that I really loved. The more I read, the more I wanted to read, and will re-read – all signs of a VERY good story! A great first novel by a new Pacific Northwest author.”