Adventure thrillers

Face-paced thrillers set it in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Destruction Island Cover
Riders of the Tides

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If you enjoy exciting stories with vivid settings, especially in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and Alaska, you can find my books in paperback and ebooks through various online sellers. Be sure to visit my blog page to read whatever is on my mind at the moment about books or simply about the business of writing.

I have wanted to be a novelist for a very long time and for more than 30 years my use of the written word was for engineering and technical reports and journal articles. My debut novel, Riders of the Tides, was finally published in 2012 after spending nearly seven years writing it and two years devoted to the publishing process. My second novel, Destruction Island, went much faster and took maybe two years from start to publication in 2014. While both novels are thrillers, they are in a sense historical fiction set in the coastal communities of SW Washington State where I was born. I based the stories on real life relatives.

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adventure thrillers

Enthralling stories alive with adventure and suspense set in the vivid worlds of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. 

Destruction Island Cover
Riders of the Tides


“Even if the heavens were to fall on me, I want to do what is right…I never do wrong without a cause.” Geronimo Chiricahua Apache

John Hopkins Glacier

“We who are clay-blended by the Master Potter come from the kiln of Creation in many hues.

How can people say one skin is colored, when each has its own colorization?


This Memorial Day I have someone special to remember–the grandfather I never met. In fact, I had never known much of anything about Fred Harmon Cooper, the person after whom I am named.

“Now you have done it, my friend. I liked the cadence, the story within a story, and the characterization—as well as the description of SE Alaska and the locations—been there, done that. Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing Glacier World with me—it is truly a gift!”



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chapter 1

Norika Edo paced back and forth next to one of the huge picture windows of her apartment that offered a panoramic view of the Roppongi District of Tokyo. She spoke loudly into a satellite phone and then tossed it onto a couch as she stopped pacing and stared for a long time at the carefully manicured gardens five floors below her. The fifth floor of the Izumi Villa Tower was entirely leased by the Edosan Corporation, an international import company dealing principally in precious stones and gold.

Norika was making very little progress in resolving a problem that had consumed her every waking moment of the last four months—from the day that the island of Honshu had experienced a major earthquake. The fact that nearly 20,000 people had died, 400,000 people had been left homeless, and a nuclear power plant had leaked radioactivity and caused a meltdown did not bother her. Her concern was for a very small, unmanned watercraft—an escape pod that had been lashed to the aft deck of a freighter that just happened to be anchored in the Miyako Harbor at the time of the quake.

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