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Earl Armstrong is just an ordinary guy, who works as a forester for a Pacific Northwest Indian tribe. Only Earl has a knack for finding trouble and dead bodies. When Earl learns that one of his shipments of lumber to Japan is missing and part of it was used by a Native American woodcarver in an Alaskan village, he is drawn to a superstitious community and becomes entangled in a web of intrigue involving a soon to open, Alaskan theme park. The park is Glacier World, where tourists can experience all that Alaska and the Arctic have to offer in one location — a real life, Jurassic World filled with Alaskan predators. When Earl Armstrong and his friends discover that Glacier World may be connected with things other than entertaining tourists and could be responsible for several suspicious deaths, they decide to obtain proof. Getting into the park should be easy, but to get out they must evade more than one Glacier World killer, one desperate and some just hungry.

420 pages;  ISBN-13: 978-0988198388

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Set in the Pacific Northwest, it is an award-winning historical fiction novel about pioneer and lumberman Ben Armstrong, one of 44 men who petitioned the U.S. Congress to form the Washington Territory. Armstrong was murdered under mysterious circumstances and, due to a lack of evidence, the case was never solved. Then 150 years later, some of his personal belongings find their way to one of his descendants, Earl Armstrong, a tribal forester. The inherited items induce dreams that provide Earl with an exhilarating journey into the past and clues to solving the mystery. During his pursuit of the truth, trouble stalks Earl at every turn as he becomes the target of someone linked to the death of his ancestor

458 pages; ISBN-13: 978-1938296178

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27690917_Destruction Island_cover

When Earl Armstrong assists a group of volunteers surveying tsunami debris that is threatening the pristine Northwest coast, he discovers a body mysteriously linked to a remote island where his great-grandfather once served as a lighthouse keeper. It is an island with a tragic history and holding a secret presumably known only to his great-grandfather and himself. Then Earl discovers there is someone searching for this hoard of Indian artifacts that includes a priceless, golden sun mask–a ruthless collector who will stop at nothing short of murder and kidnapping to possess it.

470 pages; ISBN-13: 978-0988198333

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